Thursday, 6 December 2012

Effective ways to Motivate yourself?

This article helps you to motivate yourself in any work you are doing. Just love what you do and do what you love. Nothing can be ever achieved without desire or zeal or will. One need to thought for what you want to achieve.

Do what you love and Love what you do. 
This tells we need to love what is in our hand, or task at hand. And in other way we need to do those we love to do. Interest is everything. If you are not enjoying the work, who one will give you happiness or joy? Joy is within ourselves. Just concentrate on work and work will give you real happiness.

Put a Dent in Universe:
Means you need to have clear, big and concise vision that every time remind you what you need to do and why are you doing all these? The vision helps you to go to the right path with clear idea. Nothing is ever achieved without vision. It could be in any form but you need to have vision for what you want to do.

Say 'NO' to thousands of Things:
This tells us have a habit saying 'No' to unimportant work, deeds because these will unnecessarily diverts you from what you are doing. Concentrate or focus on what you are doing right now. Try to say 'No' to people if you feel that it is unimportant. Learn from the leaders and follow their path