Sunday, 7 June 2015

Purpose of life is life purpose

Every single task which is a result of thought needs direction, path or goal. Without it nothing can be ever achieved. Boat cannot sail on water without rudder and direction by sailor. The same is true for every endeavour in life. One need to have goal for every task at hand and should be completed keeping goal in mind. If you want to achieve great, you need to have small small tasks with small goals. Summation of such small goals leads you to achieving your major goal. So, Start small and achieve big. 

Goal motivates you to achieve it and holds on you to the path leading to success. Many successful people achieved the success by setting small goals only. They had definite purpose in life. They wanted to achieve something great for people and for themselves. So, it is rightly said by Robin Sharma that "Purpose of life is (finding) life purpose". This Goals should be specific, should be of time limit and should be relevant to what you want to achieve. 

You need to review your progress towards your goal and need to update it regularly. Be firm in what you have decided to achieve in form of goal. Otherwise there is no meaning of setting of goal. First finish the first goal which may be smaller or bigger. Do not jump on other without completing first goal. Completing small goals first, build up your confidence.