Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Seven simple but effective ways to become rich

Everybody in today's fast moving world wants peace, happiness and money. Ultimately money is the thing which can buy material things. You need to have money to buy things like clothes, home, education, hobbies and many more. Job is the systematic way to earn money but to become rich one need to come out of their comfort zone. 

You need to CHANGE the way you have been doing till date to get more what you are not getting till date. 
Followings are the different simple ways to become rich.

1. 100 %
Give your 100% to every thing you do. In every endeavor whether it is too small or big. The 100% gives you better results which was not obtained by your less than 100% efforts. You will be not be a person who was just before. 

2. Be in contact with Rich people
Try to live your life with association or contact with those person who are richer than you. Observe and try to follow them. By this way, you will get path to walk on. You will always be fascinated by the things you will be doing when you will be in contact with rich people.
3. Stop doing unimportant work
To become rich, you need to increase your productivity. The input should be converted to output. More the output, more will you become rich. Do not do those things which are not drawing you to the path of richness. Unimportant work will waste your time and energy. Thus, spend time in doing important work. 
4. Plan it.
To get something, you need to plan it. It is well said that, "Fail to Plan is Plan to fail". There is always a way to do it and when you plan for it, the way will be simpler to walk on. Have vision to become rich. You should have dream of becoming rich but how much money you want? So, from dream you need to create GOAL. The goal should be specific, clear and time bound. "I want to earn 1 Crore Rs. by the end of December 2017". This is a clear, specific and time bound goal. Now you need to have determination & discipline to get the things done in dead line of December 2017.

5. Give more time to earn
To become rich, you need to give extra time other than your full time job or business. The part time will increase money and thus you will be getting more money. Stop wasting time in TV and gossip. Do not bother what others will think of you. 
6. Wealth Creation
Earning Money is equal to RATE X TIME. Here RATE is the amount you are getting per day. The time is 24 hours day. Thus, if you are only the man to earn, then your earning money rate will be lower. Most of the people try to increase the RATE by sharpening their skill but they do not work after some point of time. You need to increase the TIME. How to do it? You need more man power. For one person, if RATE is 1 x RATE but for 100 people working for you, your earning will be RATE x 100 x TIME = 100 x (RATE x TIME). Thus, by recruiting more people in business or doing chain business or direct selling/marketing business will serve the purpose to get more money. 

7. Believe
Believe in yourself that you will get the money you want. Visualize the situation that you are already in possession of those money. By this way you will create necessary events in your day to day life. This is law of attraction. You will get what you think and visualize of. 


Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The effect of power of thought on man and his life

How we see and what we do is a direct result of our thoughts. What you thought will be seen on your face in form of aura. If you change your behavior unnecessarily but your face will tell everything happening inside your mind. 

Your thoughts make long lasting effect on your life. Everything what is made is first visualized in mind via thought and then real life implementation happens. The environment nearby the positive person will be pleasant compared to those who are completely negative person. Not only speech but also your thoughts makes effect on others. Person will be quickly judge by his speech and speech is result of thought. Your speech and words will be stored by your nearby people and this is how they will treat. Bad words will spoil the relation and good words make the relationships. Thus, thoughts are everything.