Friday, 7 November 2014

Effects of thoughts on body and real world

There is a saying, "Everything first takes place in mind and then get developed in real life". This is very true for our body too. With every negative or positive thought, your face will say about your thoughts. If you try to change yourself by many attempts but you will not succeed until you first change your thoughts. 

Thoughts are magnetic. What you think, affects others too. You will only speak what you think and people often judge by our thoughts not by how we are and what we are. Sometimes seeing one's face brings joy to our face while others not because of this fact. You will attract positive things if you thought for it. 

As per the law of attractions, 'think and you will get it'. You need to ask from universe, what do you want. It will start making situations according to your goals. Thus, Thought when constructed in positive way, give excellent results and reverse is also true. 

If you want peace, joy and happiness, you should first think about you are already in possession of it. Doing this makes you feel better than ever.

You can see the effects of thoughts on water by giving all types of thoughts and you will be amazed by the results !!! Watch the video.