Sunday, 21 October 2012

How to overcome adversity and get success?

This post highlights the importance of hard work and persistence to get success and also tells how to overcome any adverse situation so that one can continue to get on path of success.

Many a times, in our life we expect something and we also try for it by our efforts. We normally lose hope in one or two failures or even we cannot tolerate the adverse situation. This may be hard time in business, personal life or any achievement in sports. But in order to get success, we need to continue what we are pursuing.

Failure in Study
In case of study, if you fails, do not lose hope. But instead of it, just look what are the factors that affected your study and your result? Try to get advice from seniors students, your teachers or parents so that they can give you proper guidance. "Try to learn from mistake of others - Chanakya" This tells you can get benefit of some one's mistake by grasping the root cause of that mistake/failure. Do not wait for that thing to happen to you. If you have failed, learn from what what the weak point? Procrastination? Laziness? Improper guidance? Just look at them and improve them so, that you can never repeat it again.

Failure in Business:

Sometimes people get distracted or depressed during failure or adverse situation in business. Do not lose hope getting success in business. "You cannot get something for nothing". You need to work hard for it. If you failed, try to find out the solution. Do not blame others for your failure. Take responsibility and get ahead. By blaming others you will simply lose their support forever.

Failure in Relationships:
We also see some cases that people are getting separated due to little dispute or misunderstanding. Do not break relationship for a satisfying your ego. Just see other person's side and think. You will never become small person in reputation if you forgive someone. To forgive someone, one need to have brave heart and this is the spirit of mankind. Do not wait for counter person to contact you and make compromise but you should start for it.

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