Friday, 24 May 2013

Great motivational quotes from Swami Vivekanand - Power of Thought

Swami Vivekananda has given many great quotes and thoughts about thinking power and how does it affect the human and its living. 

To do work is a good thing, but it originates from a 'Thought'. Every thing in this world, first comes from mind via thoughts. It means before taking physical form in real world, it forms in mind via thought. So, fill your mind with great and high elevated thoughts. Keep these with you on day and night. 

Hold one 'thought' and live complete life on it. Live every moment with that 'thought'. Just think about it. By law of Attraction, You will become what you think. Build your muscle, mind, neurons and every part of your body must be filled with this elevated 'Thought'. Do not think except that. Just believe, This is the way to get success. 

If you have digested only 'Five' good thoughts or rules, it will be more than sufficient compared to those who has mugged complete library. 

The only power that gives momentum is power of thought. Fill mind with great thoughts and every day listen them for days, months and years. Do not hesitate to lose or fail. Failure or mistake is jewel of life. It will give us chance to learn much more. If we cannot fail, what is the meaning of life? 

Just live and have pure thoughts, This is the way to sabotage bad thoughts. Bad thoughts are nothing but the virus to spoil great living. 

Fill the minds of your children with great and motivational thoughts and this will build their career. We are the creator of positive and negative thoughts. Those who just live the life as they come and do not make out of it, they are just the creator of bad thoughts

Do not lose hope. It is a one quick thoughts which can change the life and entire living   

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