Friday, 10 October 2014

Do not regret for failure, but regret for not trying

To achieve something we decided need hard work and self confidence. But if some how, you do not get what you want in time frame of your efforts, you should not just stop there, you should get up from there and try new path and get the destination. Do not regret for failure, rather regret for not trying to your level best.

Forget the past and do not bother about the future. Summer has gone, Monsoon is here and winter is yet to come. So, do your best in the present to take care of future and improve your deeds of past. 

View this inspiration/motivational speech from Robin Sharma, the author of 'The monk who sold his ferrari' , 'The leader who had no title', 'Mega Living', 'Who will cry when you die?' etc. 

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