Friday, 5 July 2013

Great motivational story - Do or die

Everyone in the life wants success. They just wish or has hope for success but they lack 'burning desire' . The burning desire is the fuel of any success, without it no success is obtained. To know more about success  by burning desire, read the following motivational story.  

One upon a time, there was a warrior, faced a critical situation. In one battle he needed to decide what to do on the spot. He was about to fight with a rival having more army power. The only thing that warrior was only will power and burning desire to win the battle. 

He loaded his army/soldiers into the boats and reached to the enemy's county. After unloading from boats, he destroyed all the boats. He addressed his army stating the reason behind that act. He said, "You see, the boats are about to be destroyed due to fire. That means we cannot leave the enemy shores alive unless we win!. We have no choice other than to fight - We will win or We will perish ! "

The story tells, that everyone who wants to win or to be succeed, one need to burn his ships and cut all the retreat.  - Extract from 'Think and Grow Rich' by 'Napoleon Hill'

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