Saturday, 6 July 2013

Money making secrets from 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill

Every human being of all ages wants money and understands the value of money. Everyone wishes money but all cannot get what they want. Merely wishing to be rich is not enough. One need to take help of 'laws of attraction' to get ahead and help you. What you want, will become a reality if you think about it in definite positive direction. You will become what you thought. You need to remind yourself about what you want. In this case, MONEY. Follow this SIX step method to help you to get more riches.

STEP: 1 

Decide/fix the total amount of definite amount of money you desire. Do not tell that so and so amount will be sufficient. This is not called definite amount. Say Rs. 1 crore or 1 millon $ or anything i.e. fixed value. This will impact on your mind as aim to get it.


Determine exactly how you want to achieve this amount? By which direction? What you intend to give in return for the money you want? This could be hard work in business, job or anything.


Fix the time limit or date on which you want to get money you intend to posses. 


Create define plan for to fulfill your desire about money. Begin at once and put the plan into action without waiting for anything. 


Write down a clear, concise statement which says the amount you want, the way to get that money, time limit and state what you intend to give in return for the money and plan. 


Read this statement every morning once after leaving the bed and before going to bed in evening. As you read - See and believe that you are already in possession of so and so money you desired. 

You may feel that how to imagine ourself in possession of money before actually have it? Here is where a 'Burning Desire' come into picture. You need to remind yourself about this desire. Understand the power of thought.

This method not only helps to get only money but also for other define goals like 'good health', 'good relationship,  and 'success' in every 'endeavor'.

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